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Who is eligible for GSP Plans?
Full-time International Students attending a recognized educational institution outside of his/her Home Country as a non-resident alien. Visiting Scholars, OPT Students and formal ESL students with F1 or J1 visa are also eligible. The Students minimum age is 12 years and maximum if 64 years. Eligible Plan Participants may also insure their Dependents. Eligible Dependents are legal spouse and children under 26 years of age. U.S. citizens and Green Card holders are not eligible for coverage as a student or dependent.
What is covered under GSP Plans?
GSP plans cover medical services for injuries and sicknesses. We offer a wide range of products with different levels of benefit. We recommend that you review the Schedule of Benefits in the Policy Brochure.
How soon can my insurance become effective?
Unless a School Term coverage is recommended through your enrollment process, the plan becomes effective as early as the next day after you complete the online enrollment and payment.
What are the payment options?
You may pay using any credit card with a Visa, MasterCard, American Express and/or Discover logo.
How do I enroll in a GSP insurance plan?
GSP plans can only be enrolled through www.1gsp.com. The enrollment process begins by clicking on the “Enroll Now“ button. After you make the payment, all your insurance documents will be immediately available in your GSP account.
What type of insurance documents will I receive?
Your GSP ID Card, Confirmation Letter, Policy Brochure and Sales Receipt will always be available in your GSP account. These documents will also be emailed to you. If your school requires you to submit an Insurance Waiver/Compliance Form and is not available in your GSP account, please email the form to info@1gsp.com.
How can I show proof of insurance or evidence of coverage to my school?
Your can send a copy of your ID Card, Confirmation Letter and Sales Receipt to your school as proof.
I want to make sure GSP plan will be accepted by my school. Can you complete the waiver before I purchase a GSP plan?
No, we will only complete and sign the waiver form after you purchase the recommended insurance plan and coverage dates on www.1gsp.com.
If my school rejects my waiver, what should I do?
Please email us the reason for denial and include all documentation from the school so we can review and assist. If a plan upgrade is not an option, we will give you a full premium refund.
How much time do I have to submit a claim for reimbursement?
Claims must be filed within 180 days of treatment to be eligible for reimbursement of covered expenses. Claim forms should be submitted only when the doctor or hospital does not bill us directly, and when you have out-of-pocket expenses to submit for reimbursement.